Make more room for your life

Has anyone else seen the current Ikea advert? If not check it out here. It starts off like a dating advert and slowly you realise that all their possessions are keeping them from one another. Thanks to a range of nifty storage solutions, they find their way back together. I really like the advert […]

Shop till you drop – Spending my money in line with my values and goals.

Shopping has always been somewhat of a recreation activity for me. I enjoy the immediacy of online shopping and the experience of shopping in some of the lovely high street stores in my local town. I love nothing more than selecting the perfect item myself or someone else. However, when I came across this blog, […]

Beat the Monday Blues and Eat your Frog!

Each Monday marks the start of the working week. For most of us, that involves the relentlessness of the work/school/childcare routine beginning again. If I needed proof, my Facebook feed on a Sunday Night/Monday morning evidences how many people hate the ‘back to school feeling’ of another week.   Sunday nights used to haunt me, […]

Living more consciously

Last year, I came across the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The book resonated with me as it focussed on small daily changes to make your life more enjoyable, instead of overhauling your existence completely. Like many, I enjoyed my life but wanted to understand my own version of happiness and what this comprised of. […]