Clean Slate, Fresh Start

The start of a new year reminds me of virgin snow. It appears so clean, sparkly and enticing that you can’t help marvel at its untouched state and in equal measure, want to get in there and mess it up.

Often the start of the New Year is a party filled haze and closely linked with the post-Christmas clean up and clean out. Therefore, I try not to make too many resolutions until the dust settles and I can think about the upcoming year properly and with a clear perspective.

This year, I want to move away from the same tired resolutions based on what I think I should do, rather than what I want to do. ‘Lose weight, get up earlier and exercise more’ have all been perennial favourites on my previous lists.

However, like many, these leave me harassed and unmotivated and serve as nagging reminders of what I fail to do, as opposed to inspired to make positive changes.

Therefore, this year, I am taking a different approach. My outlook is all about clean slates and fresh starts. A new job, new routine and an ever expanding list of things I want to do (fuelled by my slightly obsessive Pinterest habit) have led me to develop a more considered list of aspirations for the year.

This blog will help me chart the progress of these aspirations and record the lovely time I am going to have along the way!

  • Live more consciously
  • Enjoy the process
  • Leave a positive impact in all that I do
  • Indulge in more fun

I will talk more about each aspiration in future posts.

You may have guessed from the title of this blog, that I love my little red welllies. They will feature heavily in this blog but sadly my current pair are worn out. So I have treated myself to a shiny new pair. I think it fits rather nicely with the theme of Clean Start and Fresh Start.

Please feel free to share your aspirations here as well!

Clean Slate, Fresh Start

Clean Slate, Fresh Start


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