Leaving a positive impact in all that I do

I found today’s post a little harder to write than the previous ones. It may be because it is a slightly less tangible concept, or it may be the dreaded writers block. However, it reminded me of when a literary figure from my childhood, Laura Ingalls Wilder faced a similar task upon returning to school and being told a composition was due.

She turned to the dictionary for inspiration and was rewarded by praise from her teacher (and in yesterday’s post we learnt how this would appeal to me!). I did the modern day equivalent and googled ‘positive impact’. After wading through life coaches, empowerment coaches and tae kwon do coaches (really!), I started to think about what leaving a positive impact means to me;

In my interactions with others;

  • I would like my interaction with others to be a bright spot in their day. This means being polite, engaging and friendly with people I meet and complimenting people on the things that may go unsaid.
  • Provide a positive viewpoint when asked for my opinion. If I am hopeful, confident and think of the good aspects in a situation rather than the bad ones, it may help others to shift their mindset.
  • Encourage others to take positive action to change aspects of their lives or issues that are causing them stress. Sometimes you just need a cheerleader on the sidelines to shout words of encouragement.


  • In an earlier post, I talked about my love of ‘pretty things’ which used to constitute a large proportion of my monthly salary. I now have a house full of pretty things and want to use my money for more positive enterprises (although keeping the UK economy going is not to be downplayed!). So, my donations to charity will be greater
  • I will also consider how best to utilise my disposable income to spread a more positive impact. This will include a focus on experiences not possessions and seeking to share more with those who need it the most.


  • Like many others, I was slightly shocked by the Amazon/Starbucks/Other large business tax issue. I have always believed in supporting local business, but never really thought about supporting UK business or taking an interest in where companies paid their tax. I am going to make an effort to be a more informed shopper and support UK business.
  • Taking a greater interest in my local community and championing those who are starting businesses, groups and other projects which will enhance the lives of others.
  • On a more personal level, I would like to entertain more and see more of those that I value in my life. Nothing makes me feel so positive as human interaction.

No doubt, I will think of more as the year progresses and as always, would love to hear about ways you think you leave a positive impact.

I am also struck how this blog is evoking so many memories of my childhood. I am off to download the works of Wilder and possibly find a therapist. However, even Wilder had her views on happiness which rings true today;



One thought on “Leaving a positive impact in all that I do

  1. Great list Liz – I like the way these are proper, achievable intentions, without being either twee or pompous. And, I think life in rural Beds was probably very similar to being out in the prairies, wasn’t it?

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