Indulge in more fun

I have a confession to make, my name’s Liz and I am a seriousaholic. I hate to say it, but having fun and indulging my immature side is not something that comes naturally to me.

This may seem like a really easy aspiration to implement but I don’t often make fun a priority . Guilt, duty and responsibility are things I can do in abundance. Fun, on the other hand is much more difficult for me.  

I find it easier to do what I have to do, chores, commitments, things for others, than identifying and blocking out time to just have fun. Add in the constant marketing messages of all the things I could be doing alongside the Facebook and Twitter updates it can feel like you are missing out on the fun that everyone else appears to be having.

I am often struck how at ease my other half is with children and can make them laugh and generally messes around with them. Hell, he even plays with the dog. Games are not something that I enjoy and have never really seen the point of them but I am starting to think that I am missing out.

So, in order to indulge in more fun, I need to work out the things I enjoy and what is fun for me through the following steps;

  • Try a range of different activities to experience new things and widen my horizons
  • Recognising that I don’t have to be excellent at something to enjoy it. My overachieving side tends to veer to those things which I know I will excel at.
  • Set up a Date Day once a month with the husband. This day is for us to try a new experience and do something  more lighthearted. We socialise plenty as a couple but it tends to revolve around food/drink and our friends. I enjoy all these things, but don’t want us to stop having fun together and in new environments.
  • Set up a ‘give it a go’ list. I have lots of other lists, ‘to do’, ‘five year plan’, 33 things in my 33rd year, but these are mainly goal driven. The ‘Give it a Go’ list will be fun and  frivolous in nature.

I would love to hear how you have fun and any tips for me.

Have a lovely weekend. Image


2 thoughts on “Indulge in more fun

  1. You surprise me! I think of you as a very fun person, with the right amount of seriousness too of course. But a ‘give it a go’ list sounds like a good idea – I’d love to see what’s on yours. I always think I know what I like and can just get on with it, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea for me to expand my horizons too. I’ll try to think of some things…

  2. Moira, thanks for your kind comment. I like to think of myself as a fun person, but am aware that I have fun in specific ways (usually involving cake, sitting down and socialising!). As part of this life overhaul, I thought it would be good to see if I can expand my horizons. They say ‘variety is the spice of life’ and I figure we can all enjoy a little more spice.

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