Beat the Monday Blues and Eat your Frog!

Each Monday marks the start of the working week. For most of us, that involves the relentlessness of the work/school/childcare routine beginning again.

If I needed proof, my Facebook feed on a Sunday Night/Monday morning evidences how many people hate the ‘back to school feeling’ of another week.  

Sunday nights used to haunt me, and often I wouldn’t sleep properly as my brain kicked up a notch and I started to think of all the things I had to do in the coming week.

When I decided to change jobs, I considered what I wanted my working day and week to look like. I wanted to design my life with some intention, instead of falling into bad habits and creating new areas of stress. I wanted to ensure that I didn’t waste the opportunities in time that this job move offered me.

For my first couple of weeks, I aimed to get to the office for 9am (my start time). However, the traffic was heavy at that time, and the 20 minute journey took twice as long. Further, when I got to work, all the cheap parking had gone.

So, I was in danger of being late, was hurried on my way to work (I hate to be late for anything) and had to pay a fortune in parking. I knew all three of these areas would cause me stress and expense on an ongoing basis.

One of my favourite management sayings is ‘Eat your Frog’. The premise of the saying is that if you attack the worst task at the beginning of your day, everything will seem pleasant after that. You can get on with the rest of your day with a sense of accomplishment.

For those of you who know me, and for those of you who may be getting to know me through this blog, exercise is not something that comes naturally to me. Baking, cake and eating out are my favourite things (excluding Mr W of course!).

Enjoying exercise has remained elusive to me. It was something that I definitely did because I knew it was good for me, rather than something that I enjoyed the process of. It represented my ‘frog’.

If I left exercising till later in the day, I talk myself out of it during the course of the day. I can think of a hundred things that I needed or wanted to do, that were more important than going to the gym.

So, I decided to combine avoiding stress and eating my frog by creating a new morning routine. I now leave home over an hour earlier and drive straight to the gym, which is next door to my office.

The journey is quicker, with less traffic and I can park easily. I have time to work out, have a shower and be at my desk promptly.

I don’t have time to talk myself out of the gym and know that my day will get off to a worse start, be more stressful and less rewarding as a result if I skip it and sleep in.  This gives me the motivation to start my day and week off on a good foot and makes getting out of bed a little easier.

It has only been a couple of weeks, but the new routine seems to be working well and I am enjoying the change. Who knows I may even become one of those annoyingly smug people who enjoys the gym!

What things you would like to change about your Monday or your week in general?



10 thoughts on “Beat the Monday Blues and Eat your Frog!

  1. haha That sounds like me! I haven’t been to the gym in over 2 months as I don’t have the chance to get there nice and early which is when I like to go. I hate the gym with a passion so the only way I can get myself to go is to get up really early and drag myself there half asleep. But I feel amazing for the rest of the day. I’m not sure if it is just the darker days making it feel more difficult to get out of bed, we will see.

  2. I joined the gym and then stopped going. That was a couple of years ago. it’s also now a joke in our office that the only way any of us will be able to successfully diet is to stop working in our office because we have so much cake or biscuits!

    I’d love to change my job but I’m not sure it’ll happen in the foreseeable future – if I could make crochet whether making or teaching it pay the bills and could support my crazy little family on it then I’d seriously consider it. Life is too short to be a job that you hate, given that you need a job to pay bills etc. then you may as well have a job that you enjoy right? Okay well if I could only take my own advice I might be happier lol.

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