Superbowl sunday – eating and more!

This weekend saw me achieve a couple of things off my list and probably add a couple of pounds in the process!

I am fortunate enough to be Godmother to an amazing eight year old girl. I take my godmotherly position quite seriously as I think it is really important for young women to have good role models and to know that they have someone to turn to, once they get a bit older. I am also really conscious that she is growing up fast and that the days are long, but the years are short.


On sunday I spent a really enjoyable afternoon taking her and her aunty out for a spectacular afternoon tea. We are all bridesmaids later in the year, so we have much to plan (including future occasions for tea and cake). We went to the Swan Hotel in Bedford and enjoyed a fantastic afternoon tea. I hope it will be one of those things that she remembers when she gets older and bonds us closer.


As if that wasn’t enough eating, we headed to a Superbowl party. As some of you may know, watching this years Superbowl was on my ’34 things to do before I am 34′ list. It was a fab evening with good conversation and company. We were treated to a feast of chicken wings with blue cheese dip, nachos, hot dogs and missippi mud pie. It was lovely to immerse ourselves in American culture and learn the rules of beer pong! Our friends explained the rules of American Football brilliantly and it was great to understand what was going on. We were supporting the Ravens, and so were thrilled with the outcome.



This year I have made a priority to enjoy more time with friends and family, and value new experiences. This weekend confirmed that all these things make me happy, including crossing things of my list!

How did you spend your weekend? Do you think you implemented your own happiness projects?


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