Routine in the week, Spontaneity at the weekend

Routine can be seen as a negative concept, along with its even duller cousin ‘stuck in a rut’. However for me, creating a routine in the week has been a stress busting move.

I am not sure how it happened, but in recent years my weekend would often be taken over by the completion of chores and a long list of things that needed to be done.

This left me less and less time to enjoy what the weekend could offer. I have turned down social invitations as I had to do the shopping/cooking/cleaning or some other menial task. The concept of fun at the weekend was eluding me and I had become bogged down in surviving every day life.

I now find comfort in completing certain tasks each day and ticking a lot of the ‘must do’s’ off during the week. My aim in creating a weekday routine is to allow me more freedom to indulge in spontaneity and fun at the weekend.
The things I try to do as part of the weekday routine are;

  • Exercise (preferably each morning)
  • Keep on top of the housework by doing a couple of things each evening ( a load of washing, emptying the dishwasher etc)
  • Food shopping. It seems much less of a chore to swing past the supermarket on the way home, than make a trip at the weekend when it is busy. That said, I need to undertake online food shopping more to reduce this stress further.

This creation of a weekday routine has been spurred on by this book by Tsh Oxenreider

Like many of this style of book, it can be a bit American and kid focussed, but there have been some good ideas and practical steps to put in place to simplify life and create positive routines.  It has given me some practical projects to identify what tasks were sapping my time at the weekend and suggested other ways to get things done.

How do you view routine? Do you have a clear separation between the things you do in the week and at the weekend?


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