Tea, cake and inspiration

Last night, the Scone Roses WI had a fantastic meeting. We had lots of new faces and people interested in joining. I love the fact that the WI brings a range of new activities and I often describe our WI as ‘Brownies for Grown Ups’. Thankfully for our members, there are no badges involved, so no-one needs to witness my competitive goal seeking side as described in an earlier post!

There are many ways for men to make friends when they move to a new area, the pub, football and sport generally offer avenues for men to meet. However, if you are a woman without children, there are very few ways to meet and make new friends. Friendship groups can be difficult to break into and there are less ways to make connections. The WI offers that forum.

Last nights meeting also reminded me how creative a place Bedford can be. We had a couple of speakers who asked for our help in their collaborative art projects. The first was a local artist called Kezia who is planning to create a giant cake to honour Bedford’s role as the home of afternoon tea. She is looking for people to donate either a cake or a plate to the project. She was lovely and warm and we will definitely be getting involved. Check out her project at http://www.bedfordcreativearts.org.uk/index.php/events/tea-and-a-walk-in-a-small-field/

Our second speaker, Mario was incredibly engaging and erudite and spoke to us about his website. http://www.someoneoncetoldme.com/. Started in 2007, he has posted a picture a day of someone holding up a sign with a memorable event that happened to them, along with an audio description of the story behind it. An amazing project which seems to engender the wonders of the human psyche and highlight what people are prepared to tell to strangers!
More inspiring for me, was Mario has decided to take a year off work and travel around the world to pursue this project on a global scale. He has an amazing itinerary planned and I think this will be a life affirming year for him. I loved the idea of devoting a year to your passion and being open to what the time, experience and world can offer you.
Mario is looking for connections in the countries he is visiting, so if you know anyone who may be able to hook him up, then please contact him at his blog http://www.SOTMario.com

Meeting others who are pursuing their creative goals helps to pique my interest and inspire me to create my own.

What are you up to this weekend? Are you doing anything creative?


2 thoughts on “Tea, cake and inspiration

  1. I had such a great time yesterday. I walked in and Liz was on the door and was like “You’re Hannah right?” it was like we’d known each other ages lol. Then I saw Chantal and Claire who I’d met two weeks ago at the Stitch&Bitch. I’d walked in with Angie and Ellie so by the time I sat down in a chair I’d already felt amazingly welcome and cared for!

    Can’t wait to see my picture on SOTM 🙂 Going to be so cool! And hopefully will blog about Mario and his round the world trip – especially with all those stops!

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