A relaxing weekend to treasure

Well, what a restorative weekend. It was filled with friends, food, laughter and feel good experiences. As part of my life restyle, I wanted to make more of an effort to make weekends special and delineate them from the routine of the week. This weekend I feel like I have definitely achieved that and made the most of the fun things you can do.

Saturday started with Ruby Falls Mardi Gras Brunch at the Burnaby Arms. This was one of the things on my 34 things in my 34th year list and didn’t disappoint. Eggs, bacon, French toast and maple syrup served to the dulcet tones of the Ragtime Band. It was a fab way to enjoy good food, uplifting music and the chance to start the weekend in a different way.

From there we headed to a Cash Mob. This is an exciting project launched by Kayte Judge. The idea is for a group of people to converge and spend £5 in a local independent shop. We also provide feedback about what we like and and what we think could be improved. It puts money into the local community and is a great feel good thing to do. I picked up a Cupcake Holder (essential for taking cupcakes to work!) and some cases.

After that, we headed for a yummy lunch at a local pizza restaurant and checked out the latest exhibition at Rock City Art.

Sunday saw a date day trip to Madame Tussaud’s. We had a lovely time, lots of laughs and got some great pictures.

What new things did you try this weekend? How do you try and keep the weekend special?


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