Bright as a button

I love the saying ‘bright as a button’. I also love a button. There is so much choice in colour, texture and size. They also seem to symbolise homemade items and hark back to a time when clothing was much more of a considered purchase. So for me, buttons and clothing are inextricably linked in my mind.

In an effort to bring more whimsy into my life and enjoy the process of daily living more, I am being bolder with my outfits for work. I have spent the last ten years in suits; shirts and formal work wear which was predominantly black. My new role is more relaxed and I have more freedom to dress with expression.

Interestingly, I seem to have a developed my own uniform of sorts (I am sure Gok would describe my style as Granny meets school girl). I favour a dress, a jazzy scarf and a colourful pair of tights. I definitely wear more colour now, particularly blues, greens and purples. Mustard yellow is my new favourite accent colour.

I am currently on a self imposed clothing diet where I have banned myself from buying any clothes for three months. This is forcing me to be more creative and wear existing items in new ways.

I spent a really enjoyable rainy afternoon creating 20 cute work outfits from the items already in my wardrobe. I tried on everything I owned and critically appraised it to see if I liked the way it looked and the way I felt in it. I also tried new combinations and gave more thought to how accessories may enhance each outfit. This led me to identifying a huge pile of clothes for charity and decluttering my wardrobe. Oddly, I now feel like I have more options when I open the wardrobe even though there are less clothes.

It is now much easier to decide what to wear each day, since I have spent the time in advance planning my outfits. It also helps that I pack my gym bag the night before, so there is a chance to consider my outfit instead of grabbing the first clean item before I rush out the door in the morning.

I have noticed how dressing in cute outfits has improved my mood and made me feel more confident in entering new situations. It is also nice to go straight from the office to any event without feeling the need to rush home and shed my work outfit.

How do you feel about the clothes you wear to work? Do you think that they alter your mood?


One thought on “Bright as a button

  1. Mustard buttons are just what I am looking for to finish a little clutch bag I have recently made. Love the colour too. And a big yes to wearing clothes that boost your mood.

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