The World needs more Love Letters

I came across this website and was instantly struck by the simplicity and beauty of its premise. They write and mail (yes good old fashioned snail mail) love letters to strangers all over the world. They encourage random love letters as well as allowing people to request a letter for someone in need.

They say “The world doesn’t need another website. Not another network. Not another app. What she needs is really basic. Simple. Bare Boned & often forgotten in the race to get Followers & “Likes”. Love. Pure, old-fashioned, never goes out of style Love.
Ridiculous, oozing, cannot pack this thang into 140-characters kind of love.”

The art of letter writing is a dying one. Much as I love the instantaneous nature of social media, nothing brightens my day than to come home to a hand written letter in the post. You can instantly recognise a hand crafted correspondence amongst the dreary bills and dull letters you usually receive.

Inspired by Valentines Day. I decided to write my own love letters. I decided to write five in total, two for people I knew and three for random strangers.

For many years now, Mr W and I have not celebrated Valentines, due to the commercialised nature of the day. However, part of my happiness project is to mark events and to share my thoughts on a regular basis. So this Valentines, Mr W received a hand written letter and a packet of Hershey Kisses to start his day in a lovely way.

The second letter went to my beautiful god-daughter who you met in this entry. She is at that critical age where she is starting to notice boys and I can’t keep up with her every changing list of boyfriends! Hopefully this surprise letter (which I kept anonymous) will cause a little bit of excitement in her day and reinforce her self esteem.

As you know from my earlier blogs, I like completing Random Acts of Kindness. So, I wrote three letters and left them for strangers in my local shop, my gym and I have one more to despatch during the day. The letters were just a short note to brighten their day and remind them of what the world has to offer.

I have been really taken with this idea and think I will continue to write these random love letters on a regular basis. Who knows, you may even receive a letter one of these days?

How do you mark Valentines Day? Do you think we have lost the meaning of the day?



2 thoughts on “The World needs more Love Letters

  1. Yes, I have been to the website and have totally taken to giving love letters to strangers . . .I vowed to write one per day for an entire year. Perhaps every years. I know the story about the wonderful late Jerry Orbach [he wrote his wife a love poem, a new one, each and every day of their married life and left it for her as he went to work].

    Also, years ago, I wrote a thank you for a random act of kindness given to me at camp, as a child. My story was published in the book “More Random Acts of Kindness” Conari Press. So, would love to share my story with you . . .and your readers.

    Also, I’m your fan, too and am following you here on wordpress! You’re awesome!

  2. How did I miss this post? Hannah who set up MLL is one amazing lady. Have you seen her talk at TED? It’s one of my favourites. She’s in the process of writing a book about MLL and her experiences.

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