Share the Love Saturday

I wanted to extend my activities from Valentine’s Day and continue to share the love. As there are few things in this world that engender feelings of Love, more than cake, I decided that some more Random Acts of Baking Kindness were in order.

For Friday night, I baked a prediction cake for a Baby Shower I was attending. For those of you who have not come across this before, you bake half the cake blue and half the cake pink. Once decorated, you can’t tell which side is which. The mother to be then makes the first slice into the cake and the colour she cuts, is the sex of the baby she is having.
The cake was a great success and a fun end to the evening. In case you were wondering, she cut a pink slice, so is obviously having a girl!

I also baked some Valentines inspired cupcakes (Chocolate Cake with a Vanilla Buttercream) and then decorated them with a pinch of Kitsch. For my closest girlfriends, I also made these tattoo inspired brooches and wrote a little love letter to accompany them.

Mr W and I then spent a really enjoyable few hours driving around and leaving cake parcels for some of our friends. We delivered to eight houses in all, with half of the recipients being at home and the other half hopefully arriving home to a nice surprise.

I am a great believer in that the more positive vibes that you send out, the more good things happen to you in return. Our last delivery of the day resulted in an impromptu dinner invitation and a spontaneous evening of good food, company and laughter.

Making time to mark the weekend and do fun and positive things with my time was one of my goals for the year. This weekend was a fantastic demonstration of that and I loved every minute of it.

How did you share the love this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Share the Love Saturday

  1. I arrived home to a lovely surprise – thank you so much!! I told Craig that my version of a Random Act of Kindness will be to let him have one of the cupcakes… 😉

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