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As part of my simplification process, I have been decluttering my cupboards and realised that I had a lot of craft materials that were taking up space. They were good quality and perfectly lovely, but I knew I was not going to use them. However, I wanted to make sure they went to a good home and with someone that would value them. I donate a lot to charity shops but wondered if there was a better way to make the most of these items.

Then I had the idea for a Crafty Swop Shop. You may have heard about Swishing where you donate unwanted outfits and then swap them for something you want. We decided to create an event to do this but with craft materials. Last night saw the first Scone Roses WI swopping event take place.

It was an awesome evening which encompased so many of my values. We attracted a wide range of ladies from the local community, many of which were not WI members, but were brought together by the love of craft. There was tea, cake, chat and new friendships were formed.

Everyone got a chance to take a look around and select the items that they wanted to swop. People left happy with a new project for them and no cost. It was a great way to recycle items to an appreciative home.

We held the event at the fabulous venue, Fancy A local tea rooms which is beautiful and serves the most amazing cake. Saffron (the owner) was a wonderful host and we will be definitely returning for future events there. Some of us decided that it represents our idea of what Heaven may look like with cake, tea and craft!

Thanks to everyone who made it such a success and let’s look forward to the next event!Image






5 thoughts on “Cake, Craft, Chat and Community, The Scone Roses WI

  1. My Mum came to be an honorary Sconette and she had Angie (@kingfamily) to keep her company in the tea queue!

    We had a lovely time swapping our crafty bits, I gained lots more wool which I’m sure I don’t really need but I’m about to start another crochet blanket. A family friend (who is practically family anyway) is about to go through Chemo or Radiotherapy and so I’m making her a blanket to get her warm when she’s snuggled in front of the TV or having a sleep.

  2. It was a brilliant night, Liz – thanks to you and Lucy for organising it. Please can we have more?! (I still have cupboards of crafty things to empty, and am always happy to spend an evening eating cake!) X

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