The Clandestine Cake Club

Some of you may have heard of the growing movement of the Clandestine Cake Club. Ironically, given the name, but this secret society has received lots of media attention following the publication of its first book.

The society allows local bakers to meet together monthly and share their love of baking. I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural meeting of the Bedford CCC. The venue was kept a secret until a couple of days before and we were all asked to bake to the theme of Easter.

I was overjoyed when the venue was revealed as my favourite local tea rooms Fancy We turned up expectantly at the venue and was greeted by the lovely Carmela who organised the event.

She was incredibly warm, friendly and welcoming, which helped bring the 15 bakers together. A table was groaning under the weight of so many yummy cakes and it was a challenge to limit yourself to small slices to ensure that you tasted them all!

It was a lovely way to spend an evening tasting such a variety of cakes and meeting fellow bakers. It was especially nice to have a man in the group to redress the female dominance at these type of events. The theme for this meeting was Easter and it was nice to see what that meant to different people and how they interrupted this.

I made Nigella’s Chocolate Cloud Cake topped with mini Easter eggs.

If you like baking or just eating cake, I highly recommend checking out your local CCC and spreading the baking love!





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