Celebrating the ‘To Do’ list

I, like many of you I suspect, have a perpetual ‘To Do’ list which is omnipresent. I keep mine in my notebook that I carry with me at all times. I find its presence comforting as it allows me to quickly jot down things as and when they occur to me and help me to keep track of all the tasks I need to do.

At several points during the week, I find myself rewriting the list as things are completed and new tasks appear to take their place.

However, it occurred to me that this means I never fully complete the list as it is ever evolving. Nice as it is to cross off individual items, I don’t reflect on what has been achieved, instead focussing on remains undone.

As part of my desire to live more consciously, I have started to write a list of all the small things I have accomplished in the week. Some of these are things that appeared on my to do list with others relating to longer term goals. They range from exercising consistently and paying bills to organising fun events.

I really like taking the time to reflect on what I have done and the impact of completing tasks. It helps me recognise how much I have completed and achieved and makes me feel positive about the upcoming tasks.

What things have you achieved this week? Have you taken the time to congratulate yourself?


One thought on “Celebrating the ‘To Do’ list

  1. Thank you so much Little Rec Welly for my RAK today – we totally loved it! You caught us by surprise and it was just the best Sunday treat. Thank you so much xxx ❤

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