What a wonderful weekend

Some weekends can pass in a blur of chores and slobbery meaning that I can get to Monday and feel like I have wasted those precious days of the non-working week.

Other weekends can be so packed that you forget to rest and return to work feeling more tired than you did on the previous Friday.

However, this weekend, I feel like I achieved the perfect balance of rest, relaxation and activity. Coincidentally, it was also my birthday weekend so I indulged in a couple of treats (more of that in another post!). However, I want to learn the lessons from this weekend and ensure that each weekend contains the right balance. I have found that the following are important to me to feel rested and invigorated for the upcoming week;
o A night out with friends, laughing and being silly
o A night in catching up on my favourite tv or watching a film
o Eating some treat food, specifically a piece of cake!
o Not scheduling every moment, so that I can accept spontaneous invitations

What things do you try to achieve in balance in your weekend?


2 thoughts on “What a wonderful weekend

  1. Time outside in the fresh air with the kids; mates-preferably a night out!; good food; a great film and ideally a little bit of time alone. Glad you had such a great weekend lady xxx

  2. I think you improve other people’s weekends with your random acts of kindness!
    My (rather cliched) pleasure is reading the papers in bed with a cup of coffee (both days), and on Saturdays I often go walking with a group of women friends – to include a lovely pub lunch, which we can justify because of the exercise.

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