Routine in the week. . .

In an earlier post, I explained how I was trying to create more routine in my life which would then allow me more time to be spontaneous, as the boring everyday tasks had already been completed .
This routine has now been in place for a couple of months and when Monday rolls around, there is a comfort in the familiarity of the weekday routine. My routine happens at both ends of the day, with certain tasks being completed in the morning and evening. I love a little list, so here is my guide to making my morning smoother and starting the week off as I mean to go on;

o Get up on the first alarm. This is something I struggle with. The snooze button is my friend until I realise that it is 45 mins later and I am now running behind. I hate rushing and being late so this can set my whole day off on the wrong foot.
o Check we have something for dinner and grab some meat from the freezer to defrost if necessary. I find it so soul destroying to get home from work and then realise I need to be make another trip out to get something. If I know we don’t have anything, I can pick something up at lunchtime or on my way home, instead of grabbing the phone for a take away.
o Make a Coffee to take in the car with me. A hot cup of coffee is a simple pleasure to start the day with.
o Exercise and then shower at the gym. My well publicised ‘eat your frog’ approach to exercise is fast becoming a stalwart of my morning routine.

What are your morning ‘Must Do’s’? Does Monday have a longer list than other days?


One thought on “Routine in the week. . .

  1. I’m not that good at mornings. I’d suck at a job that involved me getting up while it was still dark – like my friend who is a baker at a local supermarket. He gets up at 2am to start his shift at 3am. He finishes at 10am! Ouch!

    I’ve got into bad habits and as my temp job starts at 10/10:30 I have a bit of lay in every day which is really not good!

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