The Evening Routine. . . a calming end to a hectic day

As with book ends, my morning routine wouldn’t work well without an evening routine to help prop it up. I have found a calming symmetry to the day, by identifying the things I need to do each night, to help my day flow better;

o Pack a gym bag including selecting my outfit for the next day. It is much easier to deal with a lack of clean tights/tops etc then, rather than discovering it on a cold dark morning as I am racing out the door. It also gives me time to consider what my day looks like tomorrow and what I want to wear. As part of living more consciously, it is nice to think about the impression I am going to give others with my outfit and spend time putting together something that I will enjoy wearing.
o Check my ‘to do’ list and make sure I have covered off what I need to. I also write another ‘to do’ list for the next day.
o Prepare my food for the next day including taking my breakfast to work.
o Ensure I have sorted my handbag and removed any purchases or superfluous items from the day. I also put my purse/security pass/keys all in one place so that they are easy to grab for the next day and I don’t have to wander round the house looking for missing items. Or worse, getting to work and realising that I don’t have something important with me.
o Moisturise – I need to look after my skin as I get older!
o Set an alarm – I am a really proficient sleeper and will sleep right through to mid morning if I don’t have a reminder to get up and start the day!

What things do you like to do in the evening to prepare you for the next day?


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