As the summer arrives, the baking begins . . .

One area of my life that I haven’t really discussed on this blog, is my love of cake. My 34 things to do in my 34th year, has a heavy food focus, but my own baking has been distinctly missing. With a bank holiday weekend upon us, it seems like I have a little more time than usual to complete the weekend chores, so I am planning to squeeze some baking in. As the evenings are brighter for longer, I am hoping the start of summer will spur me into baking more.

I love the alchemy of baking. You start with relatively standard ingredients and can whip up something quite special without very much effort. I find the process soothing and definintely believe that home baked is best for cakes.

So, I decided to pull together a list of the things I want to bake over the next few weeks. Some have been inspired by recent cookbook purchases and others have been long standing aims of mine. I promise to post pictures of the results of my efforts!

– Jaffa Cake Cupcakes
– Marmite Buttercream Cake
– Buttercream rose cake
– Brioche
– English Muffins
– Crumpets
– Smores
– Baked Alaska
– Black Forest Gateau
– Blintzes
– Panettone
– Monkey Bread
– Maple and Pecan Bread
– Eclairs
– Vanilla Custard Slices
– Cheese Scones


One thought on “As the summer arrives, the baking begins . . .

  1. I can confirm the Breakfast muffins were yumtastically delish’ a wonderful surprise and very, very gratefully received. Thanks small colourful boot xxxx

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