Jaffa Cake Cupcakes, my new favourite bake!

Last week, I drew up my wish list of bakes that I wanted to complete over the summer. When its warnm and light, there is nothing I enjoy more than pottering around my kitchen and whipping up a culinary delight.

First on my list were Jaffa Cake Cupcakes. They had instantly appealed to me when leafing through the new Hummingbird Bakery book. I have long been a devotee of Hummingbird, with their Red Velvet Cupcakes being a ‘go to’ recipe if I need to whip up something impressive.

This book is full of enticing recipes. However, I couldn’t resist the miniature appeal of mini jaffa cakes that topped these cupcakes. I also wanted to try marmalade in a cake, as I thought it may be a little tart.

This recipe calls for you to bake your cupcakes as normal and then hollow out a centre when cooled to fill with marmalade. I found this a little faffy, and have made other similar recipes where you add the filling before cooling, so it is fully encased in the cake. I think I will try that method the next time I bake these.

However, despite that, the cakes were amazing. It had the right balance of sweet and sharp and the orange filling provided a tangy contrast to the sweet cake and chocolate topping. They are really lovely to look at and I will definitely be making them again.

You can buy the book via Amazon here. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=home%20sweet%20home. Alternatively, if you download the Kindle sample, the recipe I used is included.

What did you make this weekend? Did you try any new recipes?


jaffa 2


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