33 Random Acts of Kindness, my birthday celebrations

This year for my birthday, I wanted to do something a little different. I usually hold some sort of party with oodles of cake in order to share my birthday love. However, this year as part of my aim to live more consciously, I set myself the challenge of undertaking 33 Random Acts of Kindness to mark my 33rd birthday.

I set myself the list below. I initially thought I would try to complete them all in one day, over my birthday weekend. However, I soon realised that this was too large a task and spread this out over the two weeks following my birthday!

There were a few that I haven’t managed yet (in Italics), but hope to do these at some point throughout the year. So if you didn’t receive some kindness this time, you may be next!
1 Make a donation to the local Foodbank. I dropped off a bag of pasta, tinned tomatoes and other essentials to my local collection point.
2&3 Sponsor someone. I have two friends running the Rat Race and so have sponsored them for this mammoth task of 20 miles and 200 obstacles.
4 Compliment a Stranger. It was lovely to brighten someone’s day by giving them an unexpected boost.
5 Write a note to three friends explaining what they mean to me
6 Donate a bag to a charity shop
7 Take a meal to someone who has just had a baby
8- 12 Leave comments on five blogs that I follow and appreciate
13 Send a happiness box. My sister has recently moved, so I sent a box full of sunshiney items to help brighten her day. They included coffee, biscuits, sundae glasses and a candle all in a yellow hue.
14 -18 Leave a cookie parcel on friends doorsteps
19 Leave an afternoon tea hamper for someone. One of my best friends had three poorly children that weekend. So I parcelled up some scones, jam, cream and tea to help brighten their day.
20 Leave some money on a food machine
21 Yarnbomb someones house
22 Write my husband a love letter

23 Send the Happiness Project to someone. One of my friends has broken her shoulder, so I sent my favourite book to help her while away the hours while she heals!
24 Leave flowers on a friends doorstep. I left a cheery bunch of spring daffodils.
25 Leave flowers on a random person’s doorstep. As above!
26 Donate Blood – you never know who this may help!
27 Leave a generous tip – waitresses are under appreciated in our culture.
28 Buy a suspended coffee. This involves buying a coffee for someone in need, who can then claim it when they are ready.
29 Leave a breakfast hamper for someone. I have two friends who really love their breakfast, so left them bread, bacon and eggs for a morning pick me up.
30 Send a favourite friend some herbal tea. I found a lovely brand of tea which you can buy here . . .
31 Find an old photo and recall that time 32 Make a donation to charity. I bought an afternoon tea package from Oxfam. It appeared rather fitting!
33 Pay for someone behind me at my favourite cake shop, Fancy. I left £10 for the next person in. I wonder what they bought!



8 thoughts on “33 Random Acts of Kindness, my birthday celebrations

  1. You haven’t got many things left!!! It’s a really good idea to do something like this; I would have never of thought about this. I just get too caught up in the here and now x

  2. As one of the lucky recipients – I was thrilled to bits, you totally made my day thankyou, as well as introducing me to a really lovely kind of tea. I am, however, shocked that you haven’t written the loveletter to your husband!

  3. Thank you again – I’ve loved what I’ve read so far! I’m reading it in stages so it leaves me feeling inspired for longer. You have now also shamed into realising how much I need to clean my front door! 🙂

  4. My sister in law I have shared this on all my sites as I think its so cool. I love doing for others and this makes me want to do more xx

  5. As a recipient of a lovely bunch of flowers, I would like to say a very late, but huge thank you, and say what a bloody wonderful human being you are Liz! You brightened my day and have inspired me to pass it on 🙂 xx

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