Lino Printing and other crafty endeavours

Last night I tried my hand at a new craft, Lino Printing. A local artist Scarlett Tierney, was holding an introductory workshop, which by luck, was held at my favourite cake shop, Fancy.


The whole evening was lovely, with a well run and thought out workshop run by Scarlett. It was nice to connect with some crafty people from Bedford that I didn’t already know. It was also the first workshop I have been to with men, which added a different dynamic.

We were each encouraged to draw a design of our choosing. I am not naturally artistic (as you can see from some of the photos!) and so found this element rather challenging. I decided on a cupcake design which reflects my love of all things baked!

fancy 2

Once we were happy with our drawings, we traced the image onto tracing paper and then transferred them to the lino tile.

fancy 6

Using a special tool, we carved away at the lino to create a stamp. We then applied liberal amounts of paint and used the stamp to create our own badges. I was really pleased with how they came out and will definitely be keeping one myself (and giving the other away as a random act of kindness).

fancy 7

The whole evening was relaxing and good to try out some new creative processes and meet some lovely people.

Please check out the talented Scarlett’s website here

What craft have you always fancied trying?


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