34 things to do in my 34th year – the progress so far . . .

So, a year has passed and I am now into my 35th year. So it’s a time for reflection and a good opportunity to revisit my list and see what I managed to complete;

    • Watch the Superbowl.  The Superbowl was on the 3rd February this year and I ate American foods, watched it live with some good friends and had a fab time. I may make it an annual tradition!
    • Eat at a Pie and Mash Shop. Sadly the East End tradition of Pie and Mash shops appears to be on the wane, so I want to catch this while I can. I still need to arrange this and may be one for Autumn, when Pie seems more fitting!
    • Eat Churros. I ate these on a trip to Barcelona , and I wasn’t disappointed. I now need to master the art of making these at home so I can enjoy them on a regular basis. 
    • Be involved in a Flashmob. This modern phenomenon looks like such good fun. I haven’t managed to do this, so will definitely need to create this opportunity soon! 
    • Set up a blog. This has been an ambition for a while and one I am glad to say that I am really enjoying.
    • Have a Pinterest Party. I love Pinterest but spend much more time pinning projects than doing them. At a Pinterest party, you all bring along something you want to do and enjoy some social crafting. I need to arrange this and get the girls over to enjoy this. 
    • Go to a local MK Dons Football Game. We have a local football team but I have never been to a game. We went in January as part of Date Day (in an earlier post) and in my quest to try new things.
    • Go to Hampton Court Palace. I love an old Palace and anything with a little bit of Royal History. We spent a lovely sunny day doing this and throughly enjoyed it. 
    • Go to Lincoln Christmas Market. I am a little bit obsessed with Christmas and love making the most of the festive season. This is one of Britain’s largest markets and one I have yet to visit. This really needs to wait until Christmas!
    • Go Wing Walking. I am not usually a risk taker but there is something about this that really appeals to me. Let’s see if I have the courage to do it! I have done some research into this, and it appears difficult but doable. I need to look into this a bit more, but think it could really happen!
    • Have a shopping Day at Kings Cross St Pancras.  The station holds a few of my favourite shops including Cath Kidston, Oliver Bonas and Paperchase. I usually rush through on my way to somewhere else, but want to spend an afternoon enjoying the shops and partaking in Afternoon Tea at DrinkShopDo www.drinkshopdo.com. My very good friend Lucy and I spent a lovely afternoon last weekend persuing the shops and indulging in afternoon tea. It was fab!
    • Go to Winter Wonderland. Linked to 9 above, I was really jealous of the fabulous pictures posted by many of my friends from last year’s event. I am definitely going to make an effort to get there this year. Again, a little early to have achieved this!
    • See ‘Wicked’ in the West End.</em> I went last year and loved the show. I went again and loved it just as much the second time!
    • Visit Lyme Regis. A literary destination and a setting in my favourite novel, ‘Persuasion’. I need to plan this in, maybe for September?
    • Visit Windsor. As with 8 above, it would be a lovely way to spend a weekend, wandering around a place with such great history. Similarly, I need to plan this in.
    • Set up a regular date day. We are lucky enough to socialise a lot together, so don’t need a date night. However, I wanted to set a date in the month to spend the day together, experiencing something new and having some fun.
    • Visit Waddeson Manor. Local to us, it is a beautiful setting to enjoy a day out and afternoon tea! This would make a great Date Day activity so will think about the best time to go.
    • Random Acts of Kindness. I have already started this and have a plan of more to do in the year.
    • Visit the Isle of Wight. I have never been and would love to see this part of England. I am noticing that a lot of the travel based ones have been harder to achieve, so need to start planning some weekends away!
    • Revisit Bath. We went as part of my 30th Birthday celebrations and had a fab time. My husband took me back there for our wedding anniversary last autumn and we had a lovely time!
    • Set up a regular Cocktail Night with the girls. I am fortunate to have an amazing group of girlfriends. However, due to our various career, family and other commitments, we don’t get together as often as we should. We have had a couple of nights out and have some more planned so I feel like we are getting there!
    • Enjoy an American Style Brunch at a local pub. The Burnaby Arms in Bedford has started holding pop up events, including American Brunch. We went to their recent Mardi Gras themed event and enjoyed french toast, maple syrup, bacon and eggs.  I will definitely be looking out for the next one!
    • Take a burlesque class and unleash my inner vintage goddess. Luckily, I found a tassel twirling workshop that was taking place on my birthday weekend=. I had a load of fun and learnt lots!  
    • Volunteer at my local Foodbank. Due to work and other commitments, I haven’t got round to volunteering. However, I have made a series of donations and will continue to do so.
    • Decorate a Gingerbread House. They look so impressive, but I have never had the patience to make one before. In an exercise of discpline, creativity and indulging my inner child, I am definitely going to make one this year. Another seasonal one that I don’t feel too bad about not completing!
    • Undertake Yarnbombing or Legobombing to complete my own little guerilla art project. Last June, I held a project to Yarnbomb Bedford embankment. Some of it is still up a year on! 
    • Hold a ‘Picnic in the Park’ event and have a large picnic with friends (and maybe some strangers too!) in a local park. Waiting for better weather, but this will be fun!
    • Take a day trip to the Coast. For my birthday this year, we spent a weekend at the coast, eating fish and chips, walking on the beach and all the other good things that happen at the beach! 
    • Set up a ‘Give it a Go’ List. I have started this list but have very few things on it, so am waiting until it is more impressive before sharing it with you.
    • Go to the Cinema on my own. Until this year,  I had never been to the Cinema by myself. When Les Mis appeared in early January, I bit the bullet and went on a Friday night by myself. I found it liberating and enjoyable and something I will definitely be doing again.
    • Get another tattoo. Inspired by Pinterest and the general move to indulge my creative side, I would like to get another tattoo. For Christmas, my husband bought me two beautiful rose tattoos on each shoulder. They are truly stunning and I love them. 
    • Cook something unusualI recently cooked a trio of pork including pig cheeks and faggots made from offal. They were lovely and have definitely inspired me to cook more unusual things more often. 
    • Get into a regular fitness routine. Exercise is not something that I enjoy or that comes naturally to me, but I do appreciate the benefits it brings. So, as part of my new life approach, I need to build this into my daily routine. I have pretty much acheived this one, with gym sessions most days before work.  I am feeling the benefits of regular and scheduled work outs.
    • Buy flowers regularly. I have made a point to buy these every week and have enjoyed have the scent and look of  having fresh flowers in the house. A simple and easy to achieve pleasure.

Having read these through, it’s lovely to see all the things I did achieve last year and the memories they made. I am rolling forward the unfinished ones and will soon post my  35 things list for the next year.

What about you? What memories have you made over the last year?


One thought on “34 things to do in my 34th year – the progress so far . . .

  1. I wrote a list after my 27th birthday of goals to achieve by the time I’m 30 but given the developments between my 27th and 28th birthdays, It’s possible that I need to update my list and tweak it a bit! Could be looking for ideas again lol.

    I haven’t seen Wicked. I still want to see it but I did see Cats at MK last summer then saw We Will Rock You in London at the end of April (which is sort of comical given that my Mum saw Cats in London when she was pregnant with me).

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