1,000 things, the progress so far . . .

This weekend saw me start my mission to rid my house of 1,000 things. As with any new project, I had plenty of energy and focus this weekend, let’s see how long it continues! However, here is my progress so far,

  • A friend had sent out a Facebook plea for rocks. I had a dilapidated and unloved rockery sitting in the corner of my garden which definitely was overstaying its welcome. So, I spent an enjoyable sunny afternoon digging out the 20 rocks which are now on their way to a new home.
  • There is a lovely cake shop in Bedford which I often frequent. The lady who owns it mentioned to me that she is always in the market for china cups and saucers. So, on saturday afternoon, I planned to meet a friend there, and took some spare china with me. She swapped the crockery for a £10 voucher for cake (could there be anything better!), so I managed to get rid of 33 cups and saucers and got free cake in the process!
  • The next place I attacked was my wardrobe. I had a number of dresses which had been bought and never worn. I have a wardrobe full of pretty dresses, so decided that as I hadn’t found the right opportunity to wear them, they were surplus. Four dresses were sold on ebay for £35 and I have identified about 20 more which are currently listed. If they don’t sell, they will be passed onto Charity Shops but we will see.
  • I sold a necklace that had been given to me by an old boyfriend. The necklace was never really my style and I haven’t worn it in 15 years, so I was delighted to sell it to a jewellers for £95.
  • I sold a ticket for a sporting event that I can’t attend. Usually, I would just let it go to waste but just not turning up, but by selling it I raised £20
  • As I was tidying up, I came across some old currency for a country we are not likely to visit for a while. Instead of hanging onto it, I decided to take it to the Post Office and convert it. That led to a £36 bonus to the pot.
  • As part of the wardrobe clear out, I found a further 13 items that weren’t worth selling but were still in good condition. These were added to the charity pile and are on their way out of the house. I also passed another 27 items to recycling which were unrepairable or not fit for charity.

So, we managed to get rid of  100 items in the first weekend. Somewhat worryingly, this doesn’t seem to have made much of a dent in the surplus stuff in the house, which gives me more motivation to continue. Who knows, I may make it 1,500 items at this rate!


40 items – £196

Charity/Given away 

33 items

Thrown away/recycled 

27 items


Did you have a clear out at the weekend? How many items do you think you could get rid of?


5 thoughts on “1,000 things, the progress so far . . .

  1. I didn’t get to start this weekend as I spent most of Saturday trying to gain as much energy as possible for my trip to Grand Designs Live yesterday (remind me London with my Mum comes with route planning so we know exactly how far I need to waddle! London with Chris invokes adventures and diversions!)

    Anyway! I was productive and got some baby grows that I found in a charity shop through the wash so they can be folded and put away properly ready for use when needed. Some won’t get used just yet but they were 20p and in pretty good nick so think they can wait until baby fits in them.

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