My night with Mary Berry




This week I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Fortnum and Mason Food Awards held at the world famous store. It was a fabulous evening with amazing food and drink, as well as the chance to hob nob with many of my personal heroes.
My sister works on the Food Programme on Radio 4, with the evening getting off to an amazing start as we walked in to hear the programme being called as winners. It was a privilege to see all the hard work being recognised and she got a very fancy award as well.
I also achieved one of my life goals and met Mary Berry, she was an absolute delight and every bit as you see her on the GBBO. A special shout out also to the Hairy Bikers who were lovely and really happy to chat about their work. Finally, my bestie Lucy had met Frances from GBBO the week earlier, so I absolutely had to get a picture with her so we could match. Everyone was so friendly and I was like a kid in a sweetie shop meeting so many talented people.
The rest of the night was spent eating yummy canapes and mingling with the good and famous of the food world. I will let the pictures do the talking!
Read more about the winners here


One thought on “My night with Mary Berry

  1. It was the FB status that accompanied meeting Mary that made me laugh. I’ve seen Hairy Bikers live on stage and have been within metres of Kingy as he “ran” down the theatre aisle but didn’t get chance to chat as everyone else in the theatre wanted to speak to them lol.

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