1,000 things, the journey continues

I hope all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend. There is something about the start of summer that energises me and makes me keen to clear the house out, in order to let the light in. So, this weekend I continued to focus on clearing some more things in between enjoying the sun.

This week has seen the back of;

  • 1 Teapot. Due to my love of crockery, I had several teapots at home. One of the guys at work mentioned he didn’t have one, so I was delighted to donate one from my collection.
  • 5 Dresses. My wardrobe clear out continues, netting me another £60 and helping to clear some much needed room.
  • 4 items of clothing. A further four items of clothing had not sold on ebay after me listing them twice. So, as I decided they could go, they were donated to charity.It seems much easier to make the decision to let something go after you have tried selling it a couple of times.
  • 50 items of toiletries. Like many girls, I often hold onto nail varnishes, make up and other toiletry products way after they are past their best. I have sensitive skin and eyes, so can’t really take a risk with out of date products. Despite this, I had accumulated a lot of products that had either caused me a reaction or were past being useful. So, I had a good clear out of these items and binned 50 items. This left space to reorganise my bathroom cabinet and clear some debris.

My running total is growing nicely and I am starting to see the benefits of this project as I clear space and get rid of clutter which had been omnipresent.


45 items – £256

Charity/Given away 

38 items

Thrown away/recycled 

77  items


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