1,000 things, a month in

It has been a month since I started my challenge to clear 1,000 things from my home and the progress so far has been steady. Over the last month, 247 things have left the house meaning I am a quarter of the way until my target.

Some of these have been big items such as a rockery in my garden and a compost bin. Every time I walk into the garden, there is a sense of freedom from the items that have cluttered up the garden for years.

For a while we have been considering replacing our small lawn with artificial grass and the simple act of clearing these two items has given us the impetus to get this work done. This has an additional benefit of me being able to get rid of the lawnmower and strimmer as we will no longer have a lawn to maintain.

Clearing the clutter in the garden has led to us being able to have a much lower maintenance space to enjoy whenever the sun decides to shine, rather than having to spend time cutting the grass before we can relax in the garden.

Both the compost bin and the rockery were found new homes via Facebook. I have been surprised at how successful this has been to move items on and it’s nice knowing that friends are making good use of items that were superfluous to us.

Other big departures were 75 dvds which were sent to Music Magpie. These netted me £50 to add to the home renovation pot (which will fund the lawn replacement in the first instance). I also sold a few more items of clothing on ebay and passed two pairs of curtains onto charity.

Although the clutter is starting to clear, I have done this in a fairly scatter gun approach taking items from all over the house. Whilst, I can see the benefit of their departure, it also means that no one area looks fully decluttered. So for the next month, this is going to be my focus to ensure that two zones within my house are fully decluttered and act as good motivation to keep going with the rest of the house.

I have decided to focus on our spare bedroom which we use as our dressing room. Although I have got rid of 30 items of clothing to ebay and charity, this room can be a dumping ground. I am hoping that by employing the ‘hackathon’ approach it will provide me with the reward and motivation to tackle more difficult areas of the house.

The second area I am going to attack is the cupboard under the stairs. This cupboard has a coffee table and display unit in it that we stored after our lounge was redone last year. By freeing this space up, it will give us storage for those items we do want to keep and mean that we have a place to put things as we declutter the other areas.

That’s my focus for the next month and I hope to get rid of another 250 items. What’s your goal for the next month? What big things do you want to tackle?



2 thoughts on “1,000 things, a month in

  1. I’ve been sort of working my way through the house when I have the energy. On Friday after going for our “breakfast date” we came back to the house and worked our way through the summerhouse/shed. We took the dead lawn mower to the dump along with an old TV that somewhere along the line we’d kept. We took a bin bag of clothes and a stack of books to the charity shop (followed by a cream tea at Jaffa because by that point it was 4pm and neither of us had really had lunch lol). On Saturday we stepped it up a gear. My mum came to help get the nursery finished and organised. My Dad arrived shortly after her when we realised that we needed him to gopher bits and pieces downstairs from upstairs or down to the summerhouse. (He even cut the grass!). We ended up filling the normal bin, the recycling is almost three quarters full (oops!) and now the green bin is full of grass cuttings (all one day after two of them were emptied!)

    Not sure how many items have gone now but we were on a mission.

  2. I started in February, we have gotten rid of stuff from every room. I think I have about 25 articles of clothing left! I’m big on entertaining, but rarely get a chance to, so I had to declutter a lot of dishes and such. So freeing! And cleaning is so much easier!

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