Another week, another clutter milestone

This week saw me pass the half-way point in my C100T challenge. And it feels good!
This week also saw me realise some of the impact of the project in different ways. Firstly, some rooms in my house are noticeably less cluttered and closer to being functional spaces. As I clear items, space emerges and it appears to breathe new life into rooms as I can see their possibility unfurling.
For a few years, the ‘study’ (I use the term in the loosest possible sense!) and garage have been dumping grounds. The garage has been acting as a collection point for items that we no longer need or value, as well as the usual collection of garden and DIY tools. It has been easy to leave something in there, undisturbed on a daily basis rather than make a definitive decision on its future. As a result, we had accumulated a significant amount of items that we no longer used but felt that they were ‘too good’ to get rid of.
As this project develops, my mind-set on this is shifting. If something has little use or value to me, but could be used or enjoyed by someone else, there seems to be a more compelling argument to move that item out of my house and allow it to be beneficial to someone else.
From the outset, I set the purpose of the project was to get rid of things, not to make money. Throughout the project, I had collected four boxes of stuff (stored in the garage!) that I had earmarked for a car boot sale. However, the idea of getting up early to sell these items for a couple of pound each had deterred me from actually getting rid of them.
In reality, I didn’t want to do a car boot sale so decided to take this collection of crockery, cake stands, ornaments and decorations to charity and made a step change in my thinking. Instead of waiting for the ‘perfect’ opportunity, take the opportunity that you have in front of you.
I also realised that sometimes you have to be honest with yourself about what you are prepared to do and what will lead to procrastination and a failure to achieve your goals.
By freeing up some more space in the garage, it started to become a useable space again. As you know, any money generated from the project is going towards my garden makeover. This week, some garden furniture arrived for my courtyard, and as there was space in the garage, I was able to store it in there, until the courtyard is finished.
This made me realise how much easier life can be when the space in your house works for you, instead of against you. I didn’t have to worry about building the furniture right way or how to store the furniture against random rain showers. The space had made my life easier, and once you realise that, the quest for more space becomes a little addictive.
Another major project I tackled this week was the study. This room in reality is a storage room a mixture of shoes, outdoor clothing, paperwork and craft materials. Up until now, if I don’t know where to store something, it has gone to the study. As such, the eclectic mix of items means it is a little overwhelming to tackle.
So I decided to start with my craft materials stash. I have collected a huge assortment of fabric, wool buttons and other craft paraphernalia over the years. I am forever being inspired by new projects and things I see in charity shops, but have never had the time to actually make them. So, with this in mind I ruthlessly went through the stash. I got rid of 47 items of fabric, donated to the woman who runs this lovely blog (maybe you will see some of my donations on here soon!). She poured through the box of donations and seem generally thrilled with the possibilities for her and her four girls of fun things to make and do together. This was the first time I had donated directly to someone and her positivity made me feel so happy. Up until this point, I had been donating to charity or selling through eBay, which means that I don’t get to see the impact of the things I am donating. To be honest, I hadn’t really considered what the impact would be for the new owners of items and it was lovely to witness a new lease of life being given to items that were obsolete in my life.
Both the study and garage have more work needed before they are fully decluttered and so they remain the focus over the next couple of weeks. I am giving myself the target of getting rid of 10 things a day from each of these rooms in an attempt to make a big impact in a small space of time.
So this week I got rid of;
• 55 items to charity, mainly crockery, glassware and ornaments
• 47 items of craft stuff to a friend
• 2 items sold on eBay
• 30 items in the bin (recycling where appropriate)
My totals are now;
• 69 items donated to friends
• 99 items donated to charity
• 138 items sold via eBay or other means
• 215 items passed to recycling or thrown out


One thought on “Another week, another clutter milestone

  1. Well done! I love following this project, I’m not as focused as you but i’m doing a similar thing to fund Japan in September and it’s so nice getting rid of stuff, I have such an emotional attachment to things but it is liberating getting rid of a chunk.

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