My first completed hackathon!

So July was the month when I set out to use up the stock of food in my cupboards and freezer. A month on, I am really pleased with how my first hackathon went.
Firstly, it’s amazing how many meals I was able to create from my existing stock of food. Secondly, it’s amazing how much food I have still have! This hackathon and my wider project of C1000T has made me re-evaluate my attitude to storing things.
As a child of parents born in the 40’s and 50’s I seem to have inherited a slight fear of ‘running’ out of things, and specifically food. Despite my freezer and cupboards being relatively full of food, I find myself at the supermarket a couple of times a week, although this has been significantly less over the last month.
So, I am extending the hackathon focus for a few more weeks. I have also decided to have a really good clear out of my food cupboards. Any tins, bottles or jars of food which I think we are unlikely to use but are in date will be passed to the local Foodbank. Anything else will need to be used creatively.
However, this hackathon has still been a success in living more consciously. My food bills are down, I haven’t bought as much and I haven’t felt deprived or bored by the meals I have been eating. Much of my shopping has been done out of habit on autopilot over the last few years. There have been several times over the last month when I have thought ‘I’ll just pop to the shops and get bananas for my morning smoothie’. However, a second voice now appears saying ‘but you could use some frozen fruit’ instead. This little shift in my thinking is becoming more frequent, which is why I would like to make


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